Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex
Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex


Goddess Gretchen

It is confession time. Not I to you, but you to me. I want you to tell me all, not leaving one single detail out. I want to become the one you think of every time a dirty little thought enters your brain. I want you feel the guilt of carrying around all those deep dark deviant secrets that you bare on a daily basis.

I will sit and listen to every word you utter, We will have Dominant Phone Sex I will ask questions. Some that will make you cringe and hesitate with an answer. I want to hear the embarrassment and humiliation in your voice during our phone sex call, as you softly say out loud what you have long ago decided to keep locked within you. After all your secrets are spilled in a breathless rush, I will take your words and use them against you. I will have you do my bidding. I will have you please me.

Your mistress will not ask for permission...

simply because I am a goddess and a goddess never asks for permission to do anything do they?

Imagine yourself, your arousal at its highest peak, the adrenalin coursing through your veins, all due to you breaking down and divulging all. Then my voice, soft, sweet and wicked snaking through the phone to reach you, command you and make you mine by your own doing. Delicious, isn't it?

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