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You have unique experiences & skills. Here at LLDesigns, we allow you to utilize your skills to their full potential.

Getting started as a phone sex operator is easier than you might think. Below you will find everything you need to work for us in the phone sex industry.



As a phone sex operator, we require you to have a Yahoo account. A reliable PC/Mac (laptop, netbook etc). A phone or tablet is not recommended as your primary means for working. But can be used in conjunction with a computer.

Your responsibilities include:

  1. Setting your availability status at the start and end of your daily shift
  2. While your "available" each day you will participate in our chat room
  3. Logging in to Yahoo IM client

Unless prior arrangements are made, you are expected to be available 30 hours per week minimum. There may be additional rules and conditions that you will be made aware of durring the hiring process.

Additional terms and conditions: Terms (PDF)


1-800-613-1829 Ext 50


We have a VERY simple application procedure

  1. Simply call us at the above number and leave a message
  2. Tell us about yourself, your experience as a phone sex operator
  3. Leave your phone number so we can get in touch with you


To get a faster start on the employment process you can download the following forms and fill them out. Once they are complete you should email them to us at employment@taboophonefuck.com

We also require a copy of your State issued Identification or Drivers License card along with your Social Security card.
If you don't have access to a scanner, you may use a 3rd party service such as: Officemax, Office Depot or a UPS Store.


If you have questions about employment please submit them using the form below.



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