Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex
Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex


Tale Of Two HUGE Tits

I know you see my tiny waist and HUGE tits! Don't take your eyes off of them or else you'll get punished! I will turn your face into my tits' punching bag. Mama said, knock you out! That's what I plan on doing if you pick up the phone to call this dildo gagging, tittie fucking, cum quenching cunt whore. Jerk your cocks on the phone to me. I have the best testing ground for all of your hot cum. I have a phone sex fantasy that I want to fulfill with you. It involves around six guys around me, jerking their cocks together at once.

I have a pleasant surprise for the last one standing or shall I say jerking. I love pouring cold milk on these HUGE tits. I want them nice and hard for you to suck the nipples off my chest. I want to be the milk lady to supply you all the milk you need. I want you to be big and robust so that you can develop the bones you're going to need to keep up with me. Bouncing on your hard cock is fun to do as we phone fuck. I want to make beautiful music for you. My tits have a habit of doing thunderclaps as I'm riding your cock to Cum Central. Try your best to grip your hands around my utterly HUGE tits as you're pounding my pussy from behind. I have a whole gigantic world for you to wander around. It's a big as the cosmos all at the dial of a tone. My tits want to talk to you badly! They have their own stories to tell!

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