Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex
Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex


Hello, I'm Monique Rae!

I am a very mature and intelligent woman who will always show you a good time when you call me. I am a very personable beauty who loves sexy men that are creative, sharp, to the point, and have soft hearts to fall upon. I so enjoy sensual play but can be very extreme at times as well. I am a well balance role-player who can bring everything you dream to the table and more. It comes so natural to me because I consider myself a soft sensual beauty who enjoys bringing that essence out for all my callers to see.... No holding back here!

Intellect of Men make me extremely wet. If I find them worthy, I will control them. I love men of all shapes and sizes. They adore me and love me for it. Let's face it....some women are simply irresistible, and age only makes me more so. I can be a true Goddess in every sense of the word. I love being pampered, adored, spoiled, and lusted after. Hmm is this you? Do you crave the touch, the smell of a Beautiful Woman, A Milf, A Hot Mama? My intelligence and my creative mind is drifting off to more deviant thoughts. What better way to learn about the fantasies that other people have! Do you have some to explore with me? I am ready to make your fantasies cum true.

Do you want me taking control of your mind, body and soul, giving you great pleasure? Or perhaps you want me to guide you into mutual masturbation? I might just take control of this and do as I feel in pleasing to me.

We can go further, deeper into those dark places you fear to go alone. Perhaps into some form of ABDL? Or maybe you desire Woman's Panties. Don't be afraid. I am the most down to Earth real Person you can ever speak too .I can be your companion, your Partner, your Goddess but most importantly the one who holds all the keys to your dreams.

Do you have a fetish or something extreme you want to talk about, explore, or find acceptance for? Well I want to hear it all!!! I hunger and crave it. Nothing too unusual for me. I bet you are asking yourself, "Does she sound as good as she looks?" If you have the courage, call me and find out. Be careful though, I am told my voice will drop any Man to his Knees. I am addictive. My voice will have you lost for words. I will have you cumming back for more... It is not very polite... To keep a Lady waiting! I am in need of you, your touch, your embrace and making every nerve of your body feel like a man should.

I am of course always open for any fantasy that you would like to explore but a few of my favorites are,MILF Phone Sex,Mommy Son Role Play,Sensual Domination and ABDL Phone Sex.

Kisses, Monique

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