Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex
Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex


She-male Temptress

You know nobody does it like a hot sexy diva, I am in your hot nasty wet dream! Iím Micha and Iím used to having the spotlight focused directly on my hot firm tight ass. I know how to reel men in and make them fall hopelessly in love (and lust) with me. I string them along for weeks till I reveal my secret, that Iím a little bit more than the average girl. By that time they are so caught up in me they canít help themselves.

They want me so bad they can taste it. Believe me, they get it all! I have a huge uncut cock hiding underneath my skirt. Itís hard and long and needs a nice pair of lips to suck it and lick it oh so good! I know the guys just canít resist when they see that uncut piece of meat in front of their face, and neither can you. I am not your average phone sex shemale either baby. I like it sick, twisted and rough. Piss, shit, forced, K9, all of it are in my repertoire and nothing is too nasty. So if you want a hot young blonde Shemale like me to use and abuse you in the most filthy ways, you better call me now bad boy.

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GFE -- Tranny

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