Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex
Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex


Stripper Marlene Star

Do you desire big titties baby? Great big jugs? Heavy ol boobs? Well then you have the right gal. Do you desire a long and luscious Smothering Phone Sex call, where I smother your face with my giant melons? I love phone sex fantasies that involve me smothering your face or your cock. A phone scenario that arouses your desire of a chubby woman. Knowing that it is my chubby ass you desire makes our fantasies all the better. Far more kinkier to know you want my ass over any other ass.

I mean after all, only a dog likes a bone. I can honestly say I enjoy a guy that has the desire to spurt that jizz on my plump thighs. Or bury his hot load between my big ol titters. I just love slamming my boobs on that cum squirting cock. Such control when I am making that cock shoot and I am suffocating you with my tits at the same time. The thoughts make me tremble when a weak man has his face and nose buried between my dimply ass cheeks.

I want you vulnerable and craving my thick, juicy, womanly body. I know to some of you guys, it's an embarrassment to want something so juicy. But let me tell you, it's okay. I will keep your secret. So let me show you what all the talk is all about. Loving on a thick, juicy body.

Once you have heard my voice, right along with your fantasies, I will be sure to have you running back for more. Let me share in some of your BBW Phone Sex fantasies. What are you waiting for honey? Call your favorite BBW Gal, for some Big Tit Phone Sex. I will make that cock explode, I promise you. I need it baby!

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