Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex
Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex


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I'm in my early twenties and currently attending university. During the day, I am a book worm with my head in the books but who I become at night when I get on line, is a cyber slut. I have to tell you about a couple of my favorite fetishes. I love, love, love the fantasy of being a MILF. I would be that one MILF that loves to wear very little, revealing clothing that her daughter likes to steal clothes from at times. I also would love to flirt with all of my daughter's friends. Especially all of her cute, young guy friends that look good enough to suck and fuck. Oops! Did I type that in there? They are just so adorable and irresistible. I would walk around the house with little, tight booty shorts and cropped tank tops on where my nipples show through them. I would love to turn on all of the boys when they come over to the house. Thinking about being a cougar just makes me so wet and horny. I am perfect at PHONE SEX and have built it into my own pleasurable, tantalizing platform. I like to play different characters over the phone and act out various scenarios with complete strangers. It's such a turn on. People at my school have no idea that I do things like this on the side. It's none of their business anyways. They all think that I'm just some nerd. I'm OK with that, though. I've come to realize that who I become on line empowers me and makes me feel sexy. Can't a girl feel sexy? I've always been told and heard all my life that pussy is power. I know what that means now! I really and truly enjoy PHONE SEX! I think I love it more than actual physical sex in the flesh. I have no limits as to where I would go to please you. I'm like an untamed beast when it comes to PHONE SEX! I love wearing stockings and pantyhose as I'm having PHONE SEX. If you like a hot and sexy girl that wears them as well, then I'm your slut to be. I also love wearing high heels that reveal my pretty feet to turn on and satisfy you as my legs are wide open. I also love to perform rim jobs on men with hairy assholes. You can be shaven too, but I like to lick on the hair as my tongue is in your hairy ass. I know how to take all of your wild, wild thoughts to a level you've never experienced before. I am a pro when it comes to HOT PHONE SEX and making you cum all over yourself. I would love to hear your hard dick bang against your stomach as your HOT MOMMY MILF! Anything goes with me! I need a new partner to star in my next PHONE SEX FANTASY. It's a win, win, win for you!

You can have a leading role. All you would have to do is relax and be your natural hard self. Are you phone shy? Don't worry! I use to be the same way too until I started to do it and now look at me. I'm a good girl gone wrong that has the best of both worlds on her shoulders. Which side do you want me to listen to? The first angel side that tells me to be a good girl and to study hard or should I listen to the lousy devil side that tells me to be the bad girl and sit on that hard dick? I'm so confused. Please tell me what I should do before it's too late!

FAVOURITE FETISHES:Stocking and pantyhose with foot and shoe worship; Cuckolds, Ass Worship.
Call Types: Cougar Fantasies; Family Fun ,Milf Phone Sex,Mature Phone Sex
TURN ONS: Strong, Sweet and confident men who love a strong woman.
TURN OFFS: Guys who ask for "free" samples. If you can't afford me, don't call me that's just rude

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Body Worship -- Submissive -- Age Play -- Tease and Denial -- Lace

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