Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex
Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex


Karina Marketta

Hi all my sweet adult diaper loving boys. My name is Karina Marketta, but you can call me mommy. Mommy has been waiting for you baby! Mommy Karina enjoys all the Taboo Phone Sex fantasies that you have, so rest assured when you call, you will always get the highest quality conversation. Mommy has everything you need today to enjoy an erotic Breastfeeding Phone Sex call. My breasts are heavy and filled with milk. I am ready for your warm, wet mouth to suckle and latch onto my nipples. Can you come and make mommy feel all better sweet boy? I need you to relieve some of the pressure behind moms huge melons. Lactation Phone Sex is so sensual an intimate. It is fulfilling for each of us son, bringing us closer than any other mother and son.

But maybe today you aren't ready for breastfeeding. Maybe you got caught with your hand down your pants wrapped around your little wee wee. Oh it is time for the punishing MILF to come out in me. You deserve to be punished for all of those Incest Phone Sex thoughts that you have for me. That is why I caught you masturbating that pathetic little prick isn't it? Do you enjoy making mommy mad? Does it make that Sissy Boy Phone Sex cock stand at attention to have a stern mommy like myself to dominate you. I want to wack this paddle over my child's bare bottom. Karina wants to punish you in ways that you have never thought imaginable.

Karina has a lot of dark little desires that I would love to share with that one special man. If you don't think you can please me, allow me to give you a little bit of convincing. I will tell everyone what kind of young man you really are. Blackmail Phone Sex is something that you know all about isn't it? I am a spiteful woman that will punish you for your defiant ways. Are you ready to explore all of your Humiliation Phone Sex fantasies with me? Call me now and allow me the pleasure of the being the last sensual milf that you will ever need to fulfill your every desire and fantasy.

Karina Marketta

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