Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex
Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex


Romance 101

I'm a very sophisticated, educated sensual, romantic woman that is also a great cook in the kitchen. I'm the perfect addition to any man that ever gets to be with me. Consider yourself lucky! Being with me is a privilege and is deserving. I'm not easy by far and I'm not somebody that just takes anything that comes her way. You must be all that I desire before I give you the time of day. I would like to prepare a nice candlelit dinner for you. It will be ready as you're heading home from a long, hard, miserable day at the office. I've prepared your favorite baby! A nice rib-eye steak with your favorite A1 steak sauce on the side just how you like it, asparagus as well a nice baked potato with the butter drizzling because I've got it all hot and ready exclusively for you. I'll then call you to see how long will it be until you'll arrive home.10 minutes you say? Perfect! I'll then tell you that I have a nice surprise for you waiting when you enter the door. I have beautiful, bright red rose petals that trail to the kitchen and also up to the bedroom but the bedroom is for after you eat. Welcome, home baby! How was your day? Let me undo your tie and take off your jacket for you while you tell me. You hear the soft, sweet, jazz music playing in the background by the nice warm, kind of hot fireplace. Sniff, Sniff! That's the sexy dinner I've made for you baby! Come and sit down and tell me how it tastes. Do you like what I'm wearing for you? I went to Victoria's Secret and picked out something I hope you would like. I hope charging it to the credit card was OK. If not, I'll make up for it as I take you upstairs. The mood has totally been all the way set! I've shaved my sexy legs and also down in that sweet spot that you like too. Make sure you eat it all up because the desert is waiting for you upstairs. Don't eat too fast! I wouldn't want you to choke or anything. I have something else I would rather have you choke on. As I sit on your face, I'll have you choke on all of my flowing juices that come from within. I want to give you and show my appreciation for all that you do for me. Let me create a romantic, hot, passionate phone sex fantasy for you. Everything doesn't have to be so rough and hardcore all the time. Don't get me wrong, I do like that at times but not all the time. I'm a very delicate, soft to the touch, smooth woman that loves a man to take his time on me. Is that you? I hope so! Call me and let's get more acquainted on that level. Let me romance you all over! A rose is always nice by the way!

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