Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex
Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex


Full-Time Submissive Pain Worshiper

I love to be the submissive one as we phone fuck. No, it's not due to laziness or that I can't fuck, it's just that I like to be the one being told what to do. I'm dying to be your slave. I love to be dominated, used and fuckin' abused each and every time. It penetrates and stimulates me sensually. I want to do all of the things you want me to do. Whatever that may be. I have no restrictions as to what you can use me for. Do what you want with my body! It's yours to have, hold and keep. The only thing that you can't have is my heart. I like to dress the part as I am a full-time submissive slut. Tie my hands behind my back with my leather cuffs as you stuff your mighty cock deep down in my throat. I like to be told that bad things will happen to me if I don't suck your cock right and or if I can't make you cum within a certain amount of time. Don't worry! I'll just take my time and go real slow. I would love to see what bad things will happen. Give me challenges and tasks to complete as we phone fuck together. It's such a turn on. Pull me by the slave collar that I have around my neck placing me on all fours like the nasty dog in heat that I want to be for you. Punishing me is also one of the favorite kinks that I love. Being spanked, choked, disrespected, called out of my name just sends me to another world. The more aggressive and dominant you are, the more climax it builds for me to squirt on you as you tell me you want it on your face. Force me to do things that I never thought about doing ever in my life. I may say no to you just to receive the punishment I deserve for disobeying my master. I'm such a defiant bad girl. I think you can spank me harder than that! When I'm horny, I love to feel pain. Bite my nipples hard when I've been oh so bad! A slut like me loves to be punished as I mentioned before. Hit me with your best shot! Will you be the one to do it?

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