Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex
Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex


Naughty Girl High

Sugar and spice with everything nice! Thank you so much first off for visiting my page! I have a lot to confess to you. Have you ever thought about being the school's math teacher and having the hot, popular school girl staring at you and at your cock as you teach things she could really give two fucks? How about telling her to stay after class for a little bit of extra credit? If so, I want to be your sexy, teen school slut that wants to do whatever she can to pass the class. The terms are on you but wait, let me plead my case. I have a hairless, tight, wet, young cunt that I know you've been staring at during class. I know how to deep throat your man meat and make you say the alphabet to me out loud backward as I suck you off all at the same time. I'm that good! Also a squirter too! That should count for something. Let me show you how long my range is as your tongue penetrates my little pink pussy. Don't forget to show love to my other particular spot too. That's right!

Go down and give my asshole a cute suck and tongue fuck as well. All of the girls in school want to be me, and all of the guys want to fuck me. Here I am with you as you're bending me over your desk fucking me from behind. Let me take the chalk that you write with (how old school of you by the way) and let me rub it around my clit so that the next time you use it in class, you'll remember every little thing that we're doing right now. If I let you spank me, will that also help get me off the hook? I hope not because I'm just getting started. I think I'm going to fail more often from now on if this is what I have to do to make up for extra credit. Nobody's going to find out that the teacher has been fucking the school's favorite hot teen. I won't even tell a soul. The secret will be buried deep down in my pussy hole. I'll keep everything neat and collected so that nobody gets suspicious of our relationship. It'll just be between us. There's been a lot of actual teachers that I've fucked in real life. Even some principles too. Being so hot like me and having the body that I do makes them gravitate to me. Can you blame them? I'm such a slut, and I just can't get enough. Being the good girl doesn't really satisfy me. I enjoy being the naughty girl that's packing all the heat in between her legs. I run the hallways and the bathroom stalls too. I've been on my knees quite a few times in there. I must say that the boy's bathroom is very different than the girl's.

Trust me! I know from experience. Your lustful thoughts are only a phone call away. I'll even ditch school just to make your wildest teen PHONE SEX DREAM come true. A girl like me can do that and make up for it later. I use what I got to get what I want and what I want now is you! I always get what I want, and if you want me, you can have all of me. Come and pick me up by the bus stop that you always pass by in the morning time staring at my short plaid skirt. I've noticed you the whole time. The next time you drive by, you should say something. I'll hop in your car and bounce on your cock as you take me back to your house while your wife is at work. You've always wanted to PHONE FUCK a hot little school slut and now here is your official chance to make a touchdown with the hottest girl in school. Grab your dick, pick up the phone, and let me show how PHONE SEX is done. I like to exchange blow jobs for straight A's on my report card. Valedictorian, here I come!

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