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Little boys who play hooky are disciplined, but I discipline them with my big, furry pussy, and they always come back for more. I know that the deepest, darkest desire you have had your whole life is to get back into the hairy cunt you came out of, and suckle the natural breasts that used to feed you, and now's your chance.

I know your cock aches to be deep within my bushy slit, stroking it until you make me moan. I also know that the pinnacle of your excitement will be achieved when you pull your sated dick from my nether regions, only to see the fresh batch of glistening cum you have just deposited slowly begin to leak out and crawl down my thighs. Perhaps, if you're a good boy, I will let you lick up the cum trails leaking out of me; or maybe, I will suck you hard again so you can slip that throbbing dick into my tight asshole. Come back where you belong into my arms, snuggled in my embrace; nuzzling my big MILF/GILF breasts; fingers entwined in my thick, shaggy bush; my nurturing voice whispering that everything is just fine, now that you're back in my arms.

Daddy - Barely Legal - Family Fun - Interracial - Submissive

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