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This is your only warning! The moment you walk thru my door I own you. I will control you totally and completely. I will bend your will to mine. It is a good thing you are wealthy because I will take everything you have. The more I take the more you will be begging to give me. My body is irresistible and I know it! I love letting you see my naked body. But you have to pay and pay if you want to touch me. You are helpless in my hands. You give and give...

Hoping that this will be enough and I will allow you to have me. You don't care what I do to you. You don't care how I treat you. You only want to be near me. You are so stupid.
I show you the other men who worship me and for you they just don't exist. I tell you that they re there because you do not provide enough for me and you beg me to let you give me more. And I take and I take from you. I tell you that it will never be enough... That you will never have me. But nothing stops you. You never stop giving. You never stop hoping that tonight will be the night that I allow you to have me.

You are such a weakling. You are so worthless. Why do you think I would ever let you touch me? I torment you. I tell you that you are not enough man to ever have me. But I allow you to remain here in my house with me and my other slaves. I want your money. I want all you have to give. The thought of having sex with you disgusts me. I do not understand how you can ever think I would demean myself so much to allow you to climb on top of me! The more I laugh at you the more you beg me to forgive you. I take you to one of my other slaves and tell you to show me what you want to do to me by doing it to him. I know he will not stop you because he is just as helplessly devoted to me as you. I tell you both to jerk each other off so I can see you cum and neither of you even blink as you start. Nothing I do deters you from your obsession with having me. And nothing you can do will ever make me change my mind and allow you to touch me.

Poor little slave. I wonder how much longer you will last before I have to throw you away and find a now slave to replace you? But you never know... Maybe if you call me you will let you have your way with me tonight...

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