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Koesha Ciara

No that is not a typo, my name is not Keisha! You can just call me KC Barbequeen, cause I got that fire! I am half Dominican and half black, completely American. I am 26 years old, I was a stripper from age 18 until last year. Now I am a retired, kept, but slightly neglected rich dick head's mistress. I am way to young and way to sexy to be put out to pasture like this galldammit! Look at those photos, check out that body, that rack, and this bootie, don't it make ya wanna bury your throbbing cock in me right fucking now? I like doing phone sex. I like it when you guys call me up and talk all sexy, dirty, and nasty too me. In fact thinking about doing one of you boys is making my pretty pink pussy hot right now! If you don't pick up your phone and call me, I may just have to go find my boyfriend with batteries. (my vibrator, not the dick head!)

P.S. What dick head don't know is that when he is out of town on his frequent business trips, I am fucking his wife too! Shhhh keep it on the low! LOL

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