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Metro sexual (if they talk right I'll do any body in the city)

I am young and pretty, and I know how addictive youthful exuberance can be to you guys. Or as most of the guys I know call me, “Lil mama is fine as wine and juicy like a steak!” I am a high toned, red boned, bitch with confidence in spades, and attitude to match. I grew up in da hood, I still live in the hood, and I will admit that I am as ghetto as a Southern Fried Chicken dinner with collared greens and cornbread and next on a game of Spades or Domino's!

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, raised in South LA, Lubbock Texas, and a Las Vegas wild child since I was 11 years old, you ain't neva eva had nothing so light chocolatey sweet, with game this tight, and an ass that is just sooooooooooooo nice, I puts it down on ya like you ain't never had it put on ya befo'. Proceed with caution though one call with me and you will have a chronic case of Jungle Fever that is near impossible to shake!

This is not conceit this is confidence! Recognize the difference. Ego rarely has any basis in facts, and can be oh so unattractive, confidence is based upon confirmation and adoration. I am a sexy and spoiled 24 yr old mulatto female. I am a topless club dancer and out call exotic entertainer on the west coast and midwest club circuit in real time. I am your fantasy phone fuck when it comes playtime.

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