Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex
Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex


Warning! Extremely Addictive...

You have reached your DESTINY. Now its time to make that call. I can be anything you want or need. Pick up the phone. Your fantasies and desires are about to come true. Can you feel how hot I am for you? Let me whisper in your ear and show you what I`m capable of. I am also a VERY good listener. I have a college degree and can actually hold an intelligent conversation as well. Got something no one else can know about, on your mind? I am here.

You can trust me with your secrets. I love having a personal relationship experience and can make you feel like I'm actually in the room with you. Yes my tits are real! LOL... I can be extremely submissive for the right men or the Domme that makes you obey my every command. I enjoy role playing, fetish, kink and even taboo subjects. You will not shock me. I will probably be more into it than you are. If you would like to email me before hand and explain all your nasty fantasies to me then I promise to read them before you call. If you would like me to reply to them though or to set an appointment for when you're going to be calling please leave me a small tip so I can take the time and concentrate on communicating with you and not take it away from all my other wonderful callers. So don't forget to tip if you want a reply. xxxxx Talk soon I hope. GENTLEMEN WHO ARE SITTING IN MY CHAT ROOM AND NOT ABLE TO CALL BECAUSE YOUR WIFE IS THERE, YOUR KIDS ARE STILL UP, YOU'RE AT WORK... TIPPING IS APPRECIATED AS I AM AFTER ALL, STILL ENTERTAINING YOU AND WILL ASSURE YOU GET PROPER ATTENTION IN THE CHAT ROOM. THANK YOU!

Hear me whisper or scream... Let me show you how much I enjoy getting off knowing you're hard cock is for me.

Its only a phone call away, you and I... Together with our fantasy!

Age Play - Daddy - Mommy - Panties - Tease and Denial

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